We specialize in LIVE

Whether a network broadcast or a targeted live stream, there's nothing like the spark, the feel, the immediacy of a live event. You want to bring an audience in, hook them, and keep them engaged with top tier professionally produced content.

Our Mission

Making you (and your client) STAND OUT in the field of live broadcasts. You want top talent in front of the camera - don't settle for anything less than top talent behind it, too. Make sure your content cuts through the clutter, and rises above the endless content stream in which we're all swimming.

Colin produces with a sense of calm and an understanding of how to balance the needs of production and marketing during ... tent pole live event broadcasts. He has always been flexible and a pleasure to work (with), especially in the chaos of last minute changes in the Sat truck!
— Deborah Beckman, Marketing Director, "Certain Affinity"

COLIN CAMPBELL (Camp Alligator founder) has written and directed shows and segments for NBC, USA, CW, E!, SyFy, ION, Fusion, TruTV, G4, Spike TV, History, H2, Discovery Science, Food Network, Travel Channel, and SoapNet. He spent nearly a year as a writer and producer on the creative team for WWE, the worldwide leader in sports entertainment, and previously wrote/produced for the syndicated shows EXTRA and National Enquirer’s Uncovered. Colin has won both a Los Angeles-area Emmy™ award and a Golden Mike award for his work in television news. 

For fun, Colin takes classes at L.A.’s Groundlings Comedy Theater. He specializes in writing for show hosts; during his career, Colin has worked with talents ranging from Academy Award™ winners to former Playboy Playmates... and made them all appear smart, funny, clever and likeable on TV. 

Colin is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

Specialties: Writing for TV Hosts; creating or capturing and mimicking the "voice" of a show; iNews and live events production; out of the box thinking; leadership; team building

EMILY CAMPBELL (Camp Alligator founder) has delivered hundreds of hours of network & cable television as an executive in charge of post-production, post-production supervisor and post producer.  Recent projects include supervising post on Showtime's "Just Another Immigrant," and leading the post-production team that took home a Promax Award (Best PSA Campaign) for A&E's "Life Magnified" initiative.